Doll's Hair Special Effect Fibers
We at Developed Technologies proudly present a very fine and adorable product for decorative applications, with the very fineness of Glittering Hair,  finer than metallic yarn, to be used in decorating dreams and imagination.

The imaginary three sources of these fibers:

1) The spiders in paradise produce the gold & silver webs of intense sparkling fibers which reflect the lights of the heavens have given us the inspiration to reproduce them.

2) The fabrics for angels are made from these  heavenly materials, the silk worms there labor to  produce these magical yarns which  are shuffled with colors of rainbows, from the streams of paradise and dust of twinkling stars is blended to produce this weightless yarn.

3) Collected  from the Garden of Eden where the dolls of Paradise play, where these are used to please the vision of the inhabitants  and angels alike. Just like our cheer leaders, this is the reason we named them DOLL’S Hair


Blending of wool, cotton and polyester, yarns, non woven, the twinkling effects by dance of the colors, the sting of the flash, softness of stars can be added to the fabrics.

Decorating your projects to heavenly standards, where softness and gentleness as the doll’s hair gives the feeling, play with them and discover the romance of colors.

Any bouquet of flowers can be turned into a gift from Eden, Stamping, card making, crafts and many hobby projects can be turned into a product from paradise, decoration was not so much fantasy before.

Available in retail packaging of ½ oz, / 10gms, 2 oz, 30 gms, OEM , and in bulk for industrial use, lengths upto 100~ 180 mm, 4 inches to 8 inches approx are available, special ¼ inch or 6mm size.

Solvent resistant grades NLFG are also available.


(US and South America)
Fred J Lofaso,

(Asia and Africa)
Dawood S. Batla,

Eduardo Lopez. Doriga,