Made from an optimum blend of American & Japanese materials & technologies, STARMIST is precisely cut in hexagonal and square shapes and in uniform sizes. It is produced in the most eye catching colors, shades and decorative effects.

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Made from an optimum blend of American & Japanese materials & technologies, STARMIST is precisely cut in hexagonal and square shapes and in uniform sizes. It is produced in the most eye catching colors, shades and decorative effects.

The primary function of STARMIST is to adorn and add decorative value to an otherwise basic and dull surfaces.
STARMIST glamorizes your products and makes them stand out thereby optimizing your margin of profit and increasing sales turnover.
May be used for glittering effects on all surfaces with unlimited decorative functions.

STARMIST application and uses are limitless. You will find it coming in handy as far as your imagination can venture.
STARMIST is being applied in so many innovative ways. Only some of them are listed below.
STARMIST in plastics: incorporation in plastics, fiber glass, toys, shoes, sandals, slippers, plastic curtains, vinyl flooring, films & tiles, man made leather, Christmas decorations, cosmetic containers, dolls, barbie doll's, dresses, gifts, novelties, buttons, casting in acrylic, plastic, glass bangles & etc., etc.
STARMIST in textiles: printing on velvet, silk, cotton, flocks , polyester etc.,etc.

STARMIST in stationery: pens, glue bottles, stickers, inks, greeting cards, invitation cards, crayons.
STARMIST in fashion: cosmetics, body glitter glue, nail enamels, jewelry, wrist watches, hats, hand bags. etc.
STARMIST in sports: balls, rackets, bike handle covers & accessories, goggles, sun visors, joggers and fish plugs.
STARMIST in Misc: coatings paints, blending with transparent coating, furniture, wall papers, picture frames, tughras, false ceilings, wall applications, switches, light shades. etc.

P.E.T. Film, metalized & epoxy coated.

Many thicknesses available on request.

.004 sqr .006 sqr .008 sqr.
.008 HEX .015 HEX .025 HEX .032 HEX .040 HEX.

Colors shapes & sizes not shown in the shade card are also available on request.

5 poly bags each of 5 kilos= 25 kg and or 25 kilos poly bag Carton G.Weight 27kg.
Measurement: 44 x 44 x 41.5 cm.
M.S.D.S, T.D.S & C.A.S Numbers are available on request.

The basic function of STARMIST is to add decorative value to an otherwise simple and dull product. Its uses are limitless. STARMIST enhances brilliance, shine, reflection and glamour to plastic products, cosmetics, stationery, shoes, textile, paper, garments, man made leather garments, products, Christmas decorations, cosmetic containers, vinyl floorings etc. STARMIST is made from precisely and uniformly cut plastic films and metallic foils in hexagonal, square and rectangular shapes.
Products that have the STARMIST magic simply jump off the shelves. So if you are looking for a break through in your industry, use STARMIST..

It is no more drudgery to use glues. Glue manufacturers around the globe are incorporating STARMIST in to their glues to make them fun to use. If you are a glue manufacturer and want to increase your sales you simply cannot do away with STARMIST. Call or E-mail us now for more info.

Used in nail polishes, body glues and water based formulations, STARMIST Glitter is an important ingredient for cosmetics manufacturers around the globe, because they simply cannot afford to lose the ever-growing number of young cosmetic buyers. STARMIST is more glitzy and shiny and gives your cosmetics an edge over others.

Art, craft and STARMIST go hand in hand. STARMIST glitters neatly packed in fancy jars and bottles are a treat for all teachers, pupils and other art enthusiasts alike. The ability to use STARMIST in new innovative ways is only limited to one's imagination. Adhesives, candles, paints , beads, stamps and all kits of all kinds can be made a lot more appealing with a bit of STARMIST magic.

Glitter your world of fashion for the upbeat style you just cannot do away with STARMIST. You have seen STARMIST on catwalks, show windows, clubs, birthdays, parties, wedding functions in the Eastern hemisphere and what not even in Halloween. Whether screened or flocked, STARMIST glitters are being used to add value to textiles and fashion accessories the world over.

Nowadays STARMIST is an essential component incorporated with fiberglass to give a sparkle to light weight speed boats, carnival rides, coin operated amusements, motorbike helmets, shop displays and outdoor sign boards. If you are a manufacturer of such an item or any thing different, try using the STARMIST glitter wand to really make a difference from what you have been doing so far.

Florists and decorators are using STARMIST to adorn their floral arrangements ( dry or fresh) to give a bewitching touch to their work

Manufacturers of greeting cards, looking for that extra beaux yeux are using STARMIST. Why aren't you? The story does not end here. A new trend of designer wedding cards with STARMIST shimmer is sweeping across the globe. Wouldn't you make your wedding a very special and memorable occasion for everyone?

Toys with STARMIST magic simply jump off the shelves and children adore them. If you are a toy manufacturer and are still not using STARMIST glitters then you are losing out on sales. If you can't imagine Barbie without the glitter glamour then you simply can't boost your toy sales without the STARMIST glitter. Capitalize on the STARMIST GLITTERO-MANIA.

Glamorize your ornaments and plaques and hand crafted merchandize by STARMIST glitters. It's application on ornaments is much easier than you can imagine. Call DT for advice

Paint manufacturers are using STARMIST in many innovative ways to boost their sales. Paints with STARMIST glitters will cover more area than those without.

Use of glitter on paper has always been a basic when it comes to festivals, wedding functions, birthdays, Halloween etc. But now STARMIST glitter is being excessively used for its many shapes like heart, crescent, star etc.

Plastic goods manufacturers, injection molders, master batchers are all switching over to STARMIST as an excellent alternative to solid colors. Offering sizes as small as 50 microns STARMIST glitters are being used by toy manufacturers to their entire satisfaction. Call us today for enhancing you sales.

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